Mother Nature Seeks Freedom From Our Sick and Irresponsible Behavior Towards Her

Happy Independence Day to All Indians !! Yes, sort of Independent India, in terms of physical boundaries, democracy, speech, etc., is celebrating today.

It is good that we have the right to speak or do whatever we wish to, but it is mostly confined to human beings. Why don’t we have or don’t follow same strict rules for our Mother Nature?

We ought to have respect if not hard and fast rules. We have the tendency to think short term. We keep on enjoying the short term benefits, ignoring how it is going to affect our future.

We cut trees to make roads, we build houses on farms, we keep on multiplying ourselves like a deadly virus, we keep on buying more and more vehicles without any consideration of pollution, we keep on setting up new factories to produce more and more.

We shamelessly litter everywhere, we pee anywhere, we spit anywhere, we develop unhealthy relationship with our Mother Nature !! Yes, we are abuser of Mother Nature, aren’t we? Sorry if it sounds ludicrous, but this is what we are !

True freedom is the Freedom For All, Of All, By All ! If we cannot protect ourselves, what more foolish we can do?

We are destroying ourselves by not taking care of Mother Nature, and we know that as well! So, why not take the step to stop hurting Her (Mother Nature) anymore?

We need to protect and nurture her back. She has given us everything in abundance, and what we have done with all her treasures? We ruined it in most criminal way for our sick ambitions and lust for money and power.

We all can do that irrespective of our financial status, our schedules, or anything we are going through. It has to become our habit to take care of Her, as we do for our family, so that it doesn’t sound like an extra effort ! We need to keep the following in mind.


“Be Careful of Your Thoughts: They Control Your Destiny” ― Robert C. Jameson

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


Through this article, I have tried to ignite the thoughts that we are on this Earth to live in harmony with Mother Nature, not to destroy Her, let us be selfish here – we have to protect and love Her in order to save ourselves, let us not spoil Her as it will be irrecoverable loss one day!

We still have some time, let us start from Today; Tomorrow never comes! Today, as we celebrate the Independence Day of India, let us celebrated it in true spirit by pledging to do something that would be in the direction of saving ourselves or, in other words, saving Mother Nature.

We are born to Love only, our basic nature is to Love each other. Can you stay angry or sad for long time ? Think! Let us know our real self and change our Destiny!

What is stopping us from taking actions that would make Mother Nature free from sufferings caused by human beings ? What are you doing, or going to do, to protect Mother Nature? Please let us know in comments below.

4 Replies to “Mother Nature Seeks Freedom From Our Sick and Irresponsible Behavior Towards Her”

  1. Subahu Jain

    nice article and you raised very important issue about our life and eco system. we humans are boasting as we are most intelligent and thoughtful creatures on the face of earth.

    But we are not worthy of it. we have not done any good to our planet and our eco system, our mother nature, we have destroyed all its beauty and treasures for our sick and ugly motives and gains.

    it’s time to understand the call of her and do the corrective actions to restore it’s purity, richness and unpolluted growth by all means.

    It is a question of our existence here, we can not keep ourselves negligent and blind towards our duties and actions needed to keep her abundant and intact.

    Thank you for this insightful article. Hope people will understand and do according it, we need to preserve and restore our natural resources in first place, then we can assure for better and sane living here.

    It’s time to repay our tribute and bring service to the source we came from and nature’s elements we made of.


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