Mother Nature – The True Lover

The word ‘Mother’ itself brings into mind the one who knows only ‘giving’, without any sort of expectation.  That is True Love!!  Love is only about giving.  The more you give, the more you get.  But you get what?  You get satisfaction when you see someone smiling because of you, sense of divinity when you see happiness wherever you go.  This is so divine!

Mother Nature is always so generous.  Let’s see how blessed we are as Mother Nature bestow upon us numerous gifts.  The Sun, the Moon, the stars, the birds that sing, the flowers that are so colorful and seem to be always smiling, the gigantic mountains, the forests, the musical waters, the insects, the grass, the sky, the clouds, the air, and what not !!  We just need to realize that we have so much beauty around, and realize that we are blessed.  But we are so occupied in our lives that we just don’t get time to look around and cherish what we already have.  Instead, we make a new world that is so full of possessions, worries, hatred, negativity, busy routines, and tensions! Worried Human

Mother Nature is the creator of human beings.  The amazing human beings, that have the ability to think, listen, feel, understand, see, breath, walk, talk, smell, speak, and so on – we have some of the abilities that no other creature on the planet has got.  Isn’t that great?  You are able to read this post, understand it, act on it (possibly), and so on.  No other living being can do this!  Let us cherish the love being showered upon us all the time, let us keep reminding ourselves that we are being loved and blessed the every moment.  Our basic nature is to love each other, just like Mother Nature.  Let us not push ourselves towards hatred and negativity.  Let us observe Mother Nature and feel the endless love that She has for us!  Let us reciprocate by saving Her from pollution and destruction.

I cannot thank Mother Nature enough!  This is what I feel.  Do you also feel the same?  Please share your thoughts.

Loving Human

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