Love Makes, Possession Breaks

We, human beings, have the tendency to possess what we love (actually it is not worthy to be called love, it is our greed, insecurity, and fear, it has nothing to do with love, possessiveness is not love in any way, it is the absence of it).

For example, if you like a bird, say parrot, you want to put it in a cage so that you can look at it as and when you wish. Love sets free not encaged anyone and anything, it is giving, not snatching others freedom and joy.

Similarly, you try to own or possess everything like flowers, animals, among living things. As soon as you possess them, they are no more what they were !! They immediately start suffering from nostalgia, boredom, sickness, and hatred.

They start dying slowly, Imagine yourself confined to a small room for the rest of your life, and you will certainly feel what it is like.


Think that you are not allowed to meet or talk to any other human being, you are made to eat whatever someone else wishes. You are not free to go for a walk, to touch anyone else, to laugh with your friends, to share your thoughts with your nears and dears, and are not free to do anything !!

When you love someone, you should think in terms of what they like, not what you like. But you do just the opposite of it, and then the suffering begins. Let us think the other way.

People are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used, everything goes ugly when we start using people and love things more than they really worth.

If you love flowers, instead of plucking them, you start watering them, watching them grow, appreciate their colors, give them support if they are bent, and so on. The flowers would have a longer life than if you would pluck them.

Once plucked, the flowers die, and they begin to lose their beauty. We need to have a positive relationship with our loved ones, be it flowers, birds, animals, or human beings. In return, they would love to be with you! The love it brings back to you cannot be expressed; it can only be felt.

Another tendency, human beings have, is to collect beyond our needs.

You collect so many clothes, so much of food, so much of materialistic things, that most of it is sometimes never used, or very rarely used or consumed.

Have a look in your wardrobe. I am sure there must be many clothes that you have not used since long, and you will never use. Those clothes could be used by someone in need.

You need to overcome this habit and sick mindset so that everyone gets their share, and things don’t go waste. This is the need of the hour as well. This should not be a difficult to let go of the things you are not using.

It is just a matter of habit and nonpossessive mindset. Once you start doing it, it would become a good habit. Let us concentrate on your needs rather than what you want !!


When you have only what you need, there would be equality. Everyone would get enough clothes, food, shelter, money, and everything else.

The world is based on co-existence, not possessiveness, the very nature of life is sharing, if it happens, harmony would prevail and you will see a conflict-free world.

Possessive attitude is breaking you in a way, it broke humanity and world in pieces, it harmed it’s integrity and rhythm immensely, it must be stopped now, or we will lose everything beautiful here.
When you possess what you don’t need, you are taking someone else’s share! Everything in limit is much more satisfying. It is unnatural and against the law of life, it is against the nature of the universe.

As they say, “Thoughts are your most valuable possession”. Let us give it a thought and let go what is not needed in our lives. Think, what would happen if Mother Nature starts possessing everything instead of giving!

You would not get enough sunlight, air, water, etc. Obviously, you would die eventually. Mother Nature is showering her eternal love on us all the time! Let us learn from her. Let us love each other by sharing and caring; it would make you more worthy of life.

Possession should not be understood as love, never confuse and cheat yourself and others by it. They are different dimensions, totally opposite.

Actually, nothing is in comparison to love, you can see that love always grows in your hearts and possession emits from your greed and sick mindset of capturing everything for your self-centric desires and fulfillment of your ego, it is wicked and never satiate itself.

So learn to love, it is giving freedom, joy, and sharing of everything you have, unconditionally, unintentionally to everyone and everything looking for it.

Be in love, make it your guiding light.

Edited by Subahu Jain

One Reply to “Love Makes, Possession Breaks”

  1. Subahu Jain

    Thanks for this wonderful article, this is close most to my heart, I born in a Jaina family and one of the most fundamental teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira is APARIGRAH, non-possessiveness,

    It teaches a way of life which is free from possessions of anyone or anything. Possession is a disease created by ego, it cripples you in most ugly ways. We must aware of our desires and will to possess.

    Another most important aspect and foundation of our life is love, it is missing in the life of people, they are possessed with greed, lust and unsatiable sick and perverted desires and ambitions.

    If people loved themselves and people in their life and around them, the world will be a different place, as it is now.

    We have lost our capability to live sanely, lovingly, non-possessively. We have been uprooted from our true nature.

    We need to reconnect with our soul and ancient cultural heritage and teachings of our ancient masters and of current times.

    Thanks for this wonderful article and giving me an opportunity to add my thoughts and feelings communicate through it.

    A lot of love and blessings, people like you are the hope for this world.


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