I Love Her !!!

Love can be expressed in many ways. Some express love by touch, some by words, some by giving something, some by spending time, some by clicking selfies :-), and so on. Love is such a good feeling that it can do wonders! It is full of emotions, thankfulness, sacrifices, no expectations, and only giving. In this article, I would share my experience of Love with Mother Nature. I am a Nature Lover, who can spend much time with Her again and again, without getting bored.

Nature is everywhere. In fact, everything has originated from Mother Nature. The houses we have, the vehicles we drive, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the machines we use, we (human beings), the chemicals, the fragrances, the weapons, and everything else. Wondering how? Okay, let me explain. Let’s talk about the machines, which are made by human beings. But the raw material that is used to create machines comes from The Nature. Same is the case with everything else. So, if we change our perspective, we can see Her everywhere and in everything. But, to feel Her presence even more, we can go to any garden, hills, waters (lakes, ponds, oceans), etc.

To me, the most accessible is a public park. It is about 5 minute walk from home. I visit there very frequently. Whenever I step into the park, I start feeling Her love even more! The Green color everywhere is so refreshing, the flowers, the insects, the sounds of birds (especially Cuckoo), the breeze, the vast sky, people of all ages, smiling faces, kids playing; everything is so welcoming! I read somewhere – ‘You are nearest to God in a garden, than anywhere else on the Earth’. I feel thankful to God for blessing us with so much beauty, so many resources, and everything, completely free! To make the visit memorable, I click pictures of plants and flowers, and also make videos sometimes. Then, I post the best memories on Facebook, so that everyone can appreciate what we have got. You can see the album here (no login required). Every time I post pictures of Mother Nature, it is also a reminder of the fact that we should take some time out for Her, with Her. It diverts the attention to Her, whom we forget amidst our schedules. Let us be with The True Lover we already have!

Apart from visiting the park, I also love to grow and nurture plants. My daughter also has the same inclination. She sows seeds that we get from fruits, and wait for the seeds to germinate. Then, she takes good care of it, and feels happy to see the growth! We (me, my daughter, and her friend) once went to public park to grow ‘Jamun’ tree as well. It felt so good! You can see that in the album that I have shared above. Oh yes, in the same album, do watch that hut made from the waste lying in the park! It was made by me and my daughter. It also enabled us to spend more quality time together.

My another way of expressing love to Her is that don’t litter and make Her dirty. Sometimes, I also make efforts to make it clean by picking up garbage in park, and throwing it to where it belongs – trash can. I wonder why, at first place, people don’t care at all and throw wrappers, bottles, peals, etc., around, instead of bins!! Let’s keep it clean. It does not take much effort. You can keep the garbage with you and throw it in bin while returning back. Not a big deal! Remember, Love is about sacrifices as well.

So, these are some of the ways I Love Her. I hope you like it. I would love to hear your experiences. Please share in the comments below. Thanks for sparing time! Love You All (products of Mother Nature) 🙂

4 Replies to “I Love Her !!!”

  1. subahu jain

    I have read your post and it is incredible, my review is —- wow, it’s superb, you are a true lover and son of mother nature, it is amazing, your album is spectacular and so beautiful, you are blessed one, I love your article, it is true and heart touching, I also love mother nature, we are products of her, we belong to her, we dissolve in her.

    great article, keep writing and influencing and promoting people with your great work and affection towards our root and existence.

    thank you so much, we need more people like you, love and blessings to your lovely sweet little angel, who has got love and affection for mother nature from her great father in inheritance, this is the best thing we can give to our new generation.

  2. Suneet Arora Post author

    Thanks you for kind words !! It motivates me to write more. I would love to see people getting connected to Mother Nature after reading the post. I hope it helps.

  3. Vidhi

    It’s very nice…..happy to know that you realize the presence of God everywhere…mother nature is God itself….loved it….all the very best thx


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